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One of the major reasons small businesses find marketing such a challenge is because of the administrative burden involved in capturing leads, following up multiple times with prospects and finally converting these leads to sales.

This is exacerbated by the fact that many prospects are not prospects at all, but just tyre kickers, window shoppers or time wasters. However you’re not likely to discover this until you’ve wasted countless hours sending them information and following them up only to get the “silent treatment”.

What if there was a way to automate the process of lead capture and follow up? A way which automatically and robotically filters out the “suspects” and more importantly progresses the true prospects into your sales funnel.

Leverage Your Time Through Marketing Automation

Leverage is the best kept secret of successful entrepreneurs. You’ll never achieve your business goals if you’re stuck working in your business on repetitive, low value tasks.

Our marketing automation tools are designed to:

  • Automate lead capture.
  • Sift and screen prospects to ensure non-buyers are filtered out and never have a chance to waste your time.
  • Automatically follow up with prospects who show interest and increase their desire for what you offer.
  • Immediately alert you to high probability,qualified prospects who want to do business with you.

Automation of routine marketing tasks gives you leverage. Our marketing automation tools are able to automatically send marketing sequences to your prospects via email, SMS, voice and even traditional direct mail – all automatically.

Using marketing technology tools to do the “heavy lifting” is the smart way of doing your marketing. This frees you to get on with running your business and allows you to concentrate on high value tasks.

Automatically And Easily Build A Marketing Database

By far the most valuable asset in your business is your database of customers and prospects. Yet most businesses fail to build this valuable asset or do so haphazardly.

The reason small businesses neglect this important asset is because building and maintaining it has traditionally been a costly, time consuming and manual process – one that many small businesses simply can’t afford.

Successwise has developed sophisticated marketing automation systems which take care of lead capture easily and automatically.

Using our marketing technology, you can immediately start capturing the details of prospects visiting your website or physical location.

Prospects can opt-in to your database using their mobile phone, tablet device or computer – automatically without any manual labour from you or your staff.

Our proprietary marketing technology then sends them your marketing sequence over a period of days, weeks or months. Every “touch” in the marketing sequence brings them closer to becoming a paying customer.

Of course our technology is fully compliant with Australian Spam regulations and allows prospects to opt-out of your database if they wish to do so. Again this is handled automatically without any requirement for manual input from you or your staff.

Marketing automation lets you work smarter and leverage your time so that you can focus on high value tasks and exponentially improve your marketing results.

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